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  • First day handout .
  • Post-script image of this handout.
  • TeX file for couse handout and homework for math 302 , Spring 1996.
  • TeX file and .dvi file of the first quiz from a previous semester.
  • Quizzes 3, 4, and 5 from last semester.
  • Tex file for quiz 4.. To generate the pretty file, save this file. Then execute the instructions (at the prompt)
  • Maple text file for the pink and blue triangles problem.
  • tex qz4 dvips qz4 lpr qz4.ps and you should get hardcopy. You may have to modify the lpr command to conform to local printer specs. Ask the help desk wherever you may be. To just view the file, type xdvi qz4 instead of dvips qz4.
  • The final from last semester.