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Texas A&M University

Texas A&M High School Mathematics Contest

The 32st annual contest took place on   Saturday, November 4, 2023, in the Blocker Building on the Texas A&M campus. We had about 330 students (302 students participated in the contest day and the rest remotely in the Power Team competion only) from about 45 different schools all over the state.

The results are in 

If you have questions/problems, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Igor Zelenko

The 2023 power team exam problems are here
and their solutions are here
All 2023 Subject exams, the Best Student exam, and their solutions are here
We wish to thank the folks from Texas Instruments, Maple Soft
for their generous contributions. Thanks also to the College of Science and the Department of Mathematics for underwriting this contest.

Administrative team for conference
The A Team

Click here to read the College of Science News article about our contest.

Click here to watch video about our contest.