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Sponsored in 2018-2020 by
  • Texas A&M Mathematics
  • Curtis D. Roberts Endowment
  • Texas A&M TLAC Department
Previous sponsors:
  • National Science Foundation
  • American Mathematical Society
  • Mathematical Society of America
  • Texas A&M Inst. Appl. Math. and Comp. SCi.
  • Texas A&M Diversity funds
  • Private contributions

Some pictures from the 2012 camp

That's us!!!

Counselors ...

... they are very serious people

Junior counselors and Dr. Sunik

The "Daily Nuisance"

Quiet rest

Texas summer can be very hot, one needs a good sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen

During the Math tournament - hard problems?

The judges are tough!


And now I need to defend our solution :-(

And we need to understand it ...

And at the end - pictures, pictures!

Come back!