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Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Mathematics prepares students to pursue successful careers as professional mathematicians. Students in the program are rigorously trained for a wide range of career directions which include academia, industry, government labs and the financial sector. Program requirements are based upon the premise that graduate students should have a broad exposure to graduate level mathematics combined with hands-on experience, either through research activities conducted within the department or through coordinated experiences with other departments and other partners in industry, government labs and national research institutes.  The overall principle in the program is to foster independent and creative work combined with the highest degree of scholarship and academic standards.

The Department of Mathematics offers graduate studies leading to the Master's and Ph.D. degrees featuring a broad program providing specialization in nearly all areas of contemporary mathematics, both pure and applied. Please see our Active Research Areas.

The Ph.D. program now offers two distinct tracks:

  • Ph.D. degree in Mathematics
  • Ph.D. degree in Mathematics, Interdisciplinary track

The Master's program offers several tracks designed to train students who wish to pursue professional careers in  disciplines requiring mathematical expertise. These programs are extremely flexible and encourage breadth of training both inside and outside of the Mathematics Department.

We offer the following Master's degree tracks:

With a graduate faculty of more than 80 active researchers, our graduate program offers a student/faculty ratio of approximately 3:2, with a strong emphasis on individual mentoring and close collaboration between faculty and students.

Approximately 80% of our students have financial assistance from our program, ranging from Teaching Assistantships to  special Fellowships, awarded on a competitive basis. Texas A&M University is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Women and minority students are especially encouraged to apply.

For course listings and general academic information, please see the courses and general info page and the graduate seminar and special topics courses page.