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Numerical Analysis Seminar

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iCal 09/20
BLOC 628 Martin Licht Smooth commuting projections in rough settings: Weakly Lipschitz domains and mixed boundary conditions
iCal 09/28
BLOC 506A Rob Stevenson
University of Amsterdam
An optimal adaptive Fictitious Domain Method
iCal 10/18
BLOC 628 Peter Jantsch
The Lebesgue Constant for Leja Points on Unbounded Domains
iCal 10/25
BLOC 628 Giorgio Bornia
Texas Tech
Some questions arising in PDE-constrained optimal control and numerical linear algebra
iCal 11/01
BLOC 628 Natalia Kopteva
University of Limerick, Ireland
Fully computable a posteriori error estimators on anisotropic meshes
iCal 11/08
BLOC 628 Diane Guignard
A posteriori error estimation for PDEs with random input data
iCal 11/15
BLOC 628 Paul Hand
Rice University
Deep Compressed Sensing
iCal 11/29
BLOC 628 Laura Saavedra
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
iCal 12/06
BLOC 628 Chris Kees
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory, US Army ERDC
A two-scale computational framework for air-water-sediment dynamics
iCal 12/12
BLOC 506A Prof. Kai Diethelm
Technische University at Braunschweig, Germany
On the Principle of ``Fractionalization'' in Mathematical Modeling


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The organizer for this seminar is Bojan Popov.