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Number Theory Seminar

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iCal 09/08
BLOC 220 Lenny Fukshansky
Claremont McKenna College
On some algebraic constructions of extremal lattices
iCal 09/27
BLOC 220 Oguz Gezmis
Texas A&M University
De Rham isomorphism for Drinfeld modules over Tate algebras
iCal 10/13
BLOC 605AX Dinesh Thakur
University of Rochester
Multizeta values and related structures in the function field setting
iCal 10/18
BLOC 220 Junehyuk Jung
Texas A&M University
Counting immersed totally geodesic surfaces via arithmetic means
iCal 11/01
BLOC 220 John Doyle
Louisiana Tech University
Dynamical modular curves and strong uniform boundedness
iCal 11/15
BLOC 220 Riad Masri
Texas A&M University
Inequalities satisfied by the Andrews smallest parts function
iCal 11/29
BLOC 220 Brad Rodgers
University of Michigan
On the distribution of Rudin-Shapiro polynomials
iCal 12/06
BLOC 220 Shin Hattori
Kyushu University
Duality of Drinfeld modules and P-adic properties of Drinfeld modular forms

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