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Noncommutative Geometry Seminar

Organizers: Zhizhang Xie, Guoliang Yu, Alexander Engel, Kun Wang, Shilin Yu, Benben Liao

Please feel free to contact any one of us, if you would like to give a talk at our seminar.

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 08/30
BLOC 628 Guihua Gong
University of Puerto Rico
Invariant and classification of inductive limit C*-algebras with ideal property
iCal 09/06
BLOC 628 Shilin Yu
Texas A&M University
Towards a geometric understanding of Mackey-Higson bijection
iCal 09/13
BLOC 628 Xiang Tang
Washington University at St. Louis
A longitudinal index theorem on an open foliation manifold
iCal 09/20
BLOC 628 Yi Wang
Texas A&M University
On the p-essential normality of principal submodules of the Bergman module on strongly pseudoconvex domains
iCal 09/29
*BLOC 220* Sherry Gong
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Marked link invariants: Khovanov, instanton, and binary dihedral invariants for marked links
iCal 10/11
BLOC 628 Benben Liao
Texas A&M University
Noncommutative maximal inequalities for group actions
iCal 10/25
BLOC 628 Suleyman Kagan Samurkas
Texas A&M University
Bounds for the rank of the finite part of operator $K$-Theory
iCal 11/01
BLOC 628 Guoliang Yu
Higher eta invariants of elliptic operators and its applications
iCal 11/08
BLOC 628 Rufus Willett
University of Hawaii
Finite dynamical complexity and controlled K-theory
iCal 11/30
*BLOC 220* Ronghui Ji
From relative amenability to relative soficity for countable groups
iCal 12/06
BLOC 628 Xin Ma
Dynamics and classification of crossed product C*-algebras