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Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis Seminar

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iCal 09/01
BLOC 628 Selim Sukhtaiev
Rice University
The Maslov index and the spectra of second order elliptic operators
iCal 09/08
BLOC 628 Boris Hanin
Texas A&M University
Deep Learning: Approximation Theory, Convexity, and the Expressivity of Depth in Neural Networks
iCal 09/15
BLOC 628 In-Jee Jeong
Princeton University
Evolution of singular vortex patches
iCal 09/22
BLOC 628 Thomas Beck
Ground state eigenfunctions on convex domains of high eccentricity
iCal 09/29
BLOC 628 Gerardo Mendoza
Temple University
Free real actions, invariant CR structures, hypoellipticity, and Kodaira's vanishing theorem (joint with Several Complex Variables Seminar)
iCal 10/06
BLOC 628 Tom Vogel
Texas A&M University
Stability of Delaunay Surface Solutions to Capillary Problems
iCal 10/13
BLOC 628 Dmitri Pelinovsky
McMaster University
Nonlinear Schrodinger equation on the periodic graph
iCal 10/20
BLOC 628 Wen Feng
University of Kansas
Stability of Vortex solitons for n-dimensional focusing NLS
iCal 10/27
BLOC 628 Yulia Meshkova
Chebyshev Laboratory, St.Petersburg State University
Homogenization of periodic hyperbolic systems with the corrector
iCal 11/10
BLOC 628 Luan T. Hoang
Texas Tech University
Large-time asymptotic expansions for solutions of Navier-Stokes equations (Joint with Nonlinear PDEs Seminar)
iCal 11/17
BLOC 220 Fritz Gesztesy
Baylor University
On factorizations of differential operators and Hardy-Rellich-type inequalities
iCal 11/17
BLOC 220 Maxim Zinchenko
University of New Mexico
Chebyshev Polynomials on Subsets of the Real Line
iCal 11/28
BLOC 624 Semyon Dyatlov
Lower bounds on eigenfunctions on hyperbolic surfaces
iCal 12/01
BLOC 628 Mahmood Ettehad
Texas A&M University
Network graph reconstruction from path correlations (joint with Inverse Problems Seminar)
iCal 12/08
BLOC 628 Naser Talebi Zadeh
University of Wisconsin-Madison


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The organizer for this seminar is Stephen Fulling.