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Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar

The seminar's organizers for Spring 2017 are Jens Forsgård, Julia Plavnik, and Eric Rowell.

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iCal 09/01
BLOC 506A Eric Rowell
Texas A&M University
Organizational meeting
iCal 09/15
BLOC 117 Michael Anshelevich
Texas A&M University
Product formulas on posets and Wick products.
iCal 09/22
BLOC 117 Patrick Brosnan 
University of Maryland
Hessenberg varieties and a conjecture of Shareshian---Wachs
iCal 09/29
BLOC 117 Sarah Witherspoon 
Texas A&M University
Algebraic deformation theory and the structure of Hochschild cohomology
iCal 10/06
BLOC 117 Tian Yang
Texas A&M University
Volume conjectures for quantum invariants
iCal 10/13
BLOC 117 Yiby Morales
Universidad de los Andes
The five-term exact sequence for Kac cohomology
iCal 10/20
BLOC 117 Benjamin Schröter
Multi-splits in hypersimplicies and split matroids
iCal 10/27
BLOC 117 Laura Colmenarejo
York University
Factorization formulas for singular Macdonald polynomials
iCal 11/10
BLOC 117 Henry Tucker
UC San Diego
Invariants and realizations of near-group fusion categories
iCal 11/16
BLOC 628 X. Shawn Cui
Stanford University
On Two Invariants of Three Manifolds from Hopf Algebras
iCal 11/17
BLOC 117 X. Shawn Cui
Stanford University
Topological quantum computation and compilation
iCal 11/30
BLOC 628 Cesar Galindo
Universidad de los Andes
Pointed finite tensor categories over abelian groups
iCal 12/01
BLOC 117 Carlos Arreche
UT Dallas
Projectively integrable linear difference equations and their Galois groups


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