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Source: Steve Johnson

Student Worker Positions Available

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Help Session Staff
Application for MATH 131,140,141,142,147,148,150,151,152,166,167,221/251/253

Sample Questions for Help Session Interview: 131140141142147148150151152166167221/251/253
Business Math Tutorial Assistant
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Student Technician - Computer Support
The Mathematics Department offers a wonderful opportunity for students to learn Unix system administration by working as a student technician. Applicants should be in good academic standing and should have some background in computing, particularly in a Linux environment. Responsibilities include general help desk activities, moving and setting up equipment, diagnosing hardware and software problems, coordinating hardware maintenance calls with vendors, and other duties as assigned by the systems support staff.

Applicants should send an e-mail to comp-stutech //AT// with the following information: Your name
Your major and expected graduation date
Phone number
Work, classroom, or other experience relevant to this position
References (name, title, phone, e-mail)
Hours that you are available to work
Any math classes you are currently taking

Please do not send applications or resumes in MS Word format. They will be rejected. PDF and plain text are fine.