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Nathan Mehlhop, one of our undergraduates, received a certificate for Outstanding Presentation at this summer's MathFest at the MAA Student Paper Session. Congratulations!
Christian Williams, one of our Math majors, placed third in the National Math Problem Solving Competition at MathFest.
Article by Sourav Dutta on MATLAB creator Cleve Moler's visit to TAMU in SIAM News.
SEE-Math in session (July 18-29); see CoS article.
Graduate student Fatma Terzioglu in SIAM News.

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Industrial and Applied Math
Paul Bruilliard (Pacific Northwest National Lab) TBA
B220  Oct 03 4:00pm
Working Seminar in Groups, Dynamics, and Operator Algebras
Konrad Wrobel (Texas A&M University) The Ornstein-Weiss tower theorem
B628  Oct 03 4:00pm
Student/Postdoc Working Geometry Seminar
JM Landsberg, Representation theory in action
B605AX  Oct 04 9:30am
Promotion Talk for Sinjini Sengupta Sinjini Sengupta, B220 Oct 04 4:00pm
Lauren Lane (Texas A&M University) Learning What it Means to Serve
B220  Oct 05 6:00pm