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Q&A with Associate Dean Janie Schielack on enhancement and assessment in maths education
David Larson elected Fellow of the American Mathematical Society

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Graduate Student Organization Seminar
Prof. Michael Anshelevich (Texas A&M University) Limit theorems for composition of functions
B506A  Oct 23 4:00pm
Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis Seminar
Tina Mai (Texas A&M University) On Monotonicity for Strain-Limiting Theories of Elasticity
B628  Oct 24 1:50pm
Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar
Ngoc Tran (University of Texas-Austin) The commuting tropical variety
B624  Oct 24 3:00pm
Banach Spaces Seminar
Yanqi Qiu (University of Marseilles) Infinite Random Matrices and Ergodic Decomposition of Hua-Pickrell measures
B220  Oct 24 3:00pm
Linear Analysis Seminar
James Pascoe (UC San Diego) Matrix monotonicity in one and several variables
B220  Oct 24 4:00pm