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Foias Lectures to be given by Constantine Davermos of Brown University, March 27-31.
Inaugural spring meeting of the Brazos Analysis Seminar, March 25-26, at TAMU.
Math Fair Saturday, March 25, 9:00am - 1:00pm in Blocker, as part of Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month.
Departmental Teaching Awards went to Dean Baskin and Joungdong Kim, departmental Service Awards to Rashi Arora and Mike Pilant. Citations are here.

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Linear Analysis Seminar
Brazos Analysis Seminar, Brazos Analysis Seminar
B166  Mar 26 9:00am
Working Seminar in Groups, Dynamics, and Operator Algebras
Mehrzad Monzavi (Texas A&M University) Computing the entropy of Bernoulli actions of sofic groups II
B220  Mar 27 2:00pm
The Foias Lectures
Constantine Dafermos (Brown University) Hyperbolic Conservation Laws: History, State of the Art and Future Challenges - Part I
B220  Mar 27 4:00pm
Foias Lecture I: TBA Constantine Dafermos, B220 Mar 27 4:00pm
Working Seminar on Nonlinear Geometries
Florent Baudier (Texas A&M University) Bi-Lipschitz embeddability of finitely branching diamonds (after M. I. Ostrovskii and B. Randrianantoanina)
TBA  Mar 28 10:00am